Right to Information



Operationalising Right to Information (RTI) in ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission approved Information Disclosure Guidelines 2011 in April 2011 in line with the Right to Information Act 2009 to facilitate free flow of information from the Commission. The disclosure guidelines define 'information' as memo, books, data/information, log book, order, notification, document, sample, letter, report, financial statement, project proposal, audio, video etc. regarding the formation, structure and official activities of the Commission.

The Guidelines classify the information that the Commission holds into four:

  1. spontaneous information (the Commission will disclose these information spontaneously),
  2. information to be provided on demand,
  3. information to be provided partially on demand, and
  4. some other information, disclosure or providing of which is not mandatory.

Any citizen can apply for Commission's information in a prescribed format or in a white page and the request has to be responded within 20 (twenty) days of submitting the application. Not providing information without any valid reason will constitute misconduct and actions will be taken against the concerned official as per the Anti-Corruption Commission (Staff) Service Rules 2008.

A Public Relation Officer at the Headquarters, a Director at the Divisional Office and a Deputy Director at each Integrated District Office are designated to provide information on citizens' request.

The Commission has provided information in response to two applications in 2013 while one application was received in December 2012. The 2012 applicant sought information about number of ACC's cases withdrawn during Four-Party Alliance Government and Great Alliance Government, and number of ACC's cases quashed by the High Court and cases against the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In written response, the Commission informed that none of its cases was withdrawn during tenures of the said governments and 205 Rules of the High Court had gone against the Commission including nine cases of Sheikh Hasina during 2009-2012.

The Commission received nine applications in 2012 and one application in 2011. All of these applications were attended in respective years.

The Commission discloses proactively such information, as its identity, citizens' charter, legal mandates, scope of works, performance updates, and important decisions through the website. In addition, a spokesperson of the Commission briefs the press about its activities once a month.